Five very special memories of Patches

Everyone who has a dog please take just a few moments and think of five very special things that you love about your dog.  Here are five things I cherish about my dog, Patches:

1. When she would lay down in a doggy bed she would lay on her side and use her legs to scrabble around in a circle on her side-all the time making happy little grunting noises.  Hysterical!

2. Whatever room I was in Patches would position herself so that she could keep me in sight, and herself between me and the door.  She was both looking after me and being looked after – mutual security.

3. When we would get to where we turned around to head home on our morning walks I would tell Patches “Take Momma home!”  She would then put her nose to the ground and proudly lead us back following our scent trail, looking back over her shoulder every few minutes to make sure all was well.

4. Whenever Patches deemed it necessary she would bark to rally the pack to go outside for a potty break.  Easiest housetraining you can experience when you have an alpha female pack leader’s able assistance!

5.  Patches wagged her tail every time she saw me – and she was always looking up to see where I was – then wag, wag would go her little tail.

My little Patches lived a full and exuberant life.  She was uniquely herself.  She was born knowing that she was destined to rule the world.  Then she met me and decided that I could be Empress and that she would act as my able general. 

Our adventure together lasted a little over 13 years.  I know in my heart that I provided a wonderful home for her and that having Patches in my life greatly enhanced my world.  My darling Patches passed away last Wednesday.  And though I am almost unbearably saddened by her loss I know that I will always cherish those special little things that were unique to my little Princess Patches LaRue. 


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